Beer Drinker’s Christmas Hamper – Under £40

Following from my recent post about beer hampers I was asked by a friend if I could put together a homemade Christmas beer hamper for around £40. First of all I wanted to see what was available in the way of ready-made hampers so I went online and did a search for ‘beer hampers’. There were lots of people selling beer hampers and gift baskets with prices ranging from as little as £20 right up to £80. Clearly further investigation was needed.

On closer inspection I found that many of the cheaper hampers were little more than tiny gift baskets with one or two bottles of beer in them. On the other hand, the expensive items were more like traditional food hampers with a few bottles of beer thrown in. In fact, nearly all of the hampers I looked at for under £40 had no more than 3 or 4 bottles of beer in them. With that in mind I decided to see if I could put together a DIY hamper that would have at least 6 bottles of beer in it as well as looking fantastic. Here is what I came up with…

Growler Beer Pack 6 x 500ml Bottles Growler Beer Pack 6 x 500ml Bottles
Christmas DIY Hamper Kit Christmas DIY Hamper Kit
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This beer drinker’s Christmas hamper is a great place to start in putting together your own hamper. It has 6 bottles of beer and everything you need to make the hamper look fantastic. The total cost was about £34 at the time, leaving £6 left for a few bags of peanuts, pork scratchings or whatever else you fancy putting in it. Obviously these prices are subject to change, but it shows what you can do when you go for homemade over shop-bought hampers.

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