DIY Hamper Kits

One thing I have found when making DIY hampers at home is that it’s not always easy to get the materials you need to make your hamper look nice. It’s one thing going to loads of trouble to put together a great selection of food or other items, but if you don’t get the packaging right it will end up looking like your gift was just an afterthought. So, what can you do about it?

DIY Hamper Kit

DIY Hamper Kit by DIY Hampers

Well, you could go to your local high street looking for hamper baskets but I can tell you from experience that finding empty baskets in high street stores is NOT easy! Alternatively you could go online and start hunting down things like wicker baskets, paper shred to make a lining for your basket, cellophane to seal the package and a nice bow to go on top. However, if that sounds like too much of a chore, don’t worry, there is a better way…

DIY hamper kits are the easy way to get everything you need to make a hamper look beautiful in just a few clicks. Kits are available from a range of suppliers and in different sizes, shapes and colours to suit any occasion. Some even come with a choice of greetings card included. All that is left for you to do is pop in your hamper goodies and you have a professional looking gift for much less than you would expect to pay if you bought it as a finished item.

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